Advertising rates

Full page (FP) Please email us for advertising / advertorial rates:
Double page spread (DPS)
Half page vertical/horizongal (HPV or HPH)
Inside front cover DPS (IFCDPS)
Outside back cover (OBC)
1-page advertorial
2-page advertorial

All rates are for full colour insertions
Rates exclude 14% VAT
Rates exclude 16.5% agency commission

Technical specifications

All advertising material must be received in electronic format, as a print-optimised high resolution (300dpi) PDF. All fonts must be embedded. A production charge will be levied on any material supplied that requires manipulation. Sagis will not be held responsible for slight variations in colour on printed advertisements as a result of the printing process. Unless a colour proof is supplied in time for print, Sagis will take no responsibility for colour matching in the final product. Copy for advertorials to be supplied in a Word document. All logos and images must be supplied in high resolution Jpeg or Gif format. Sagis reserves the right to edit editorial, advertorial and images.



Trim (hxw)

Bleed (hxw)

Type (hxw)


275 x 420mm

285 x 426mm

255 x 410mm

Full Page

275 x 210mm

285 x 220mm

255 x 200mm

Half Page Horizontal

133 x 210mm

143 x 220mm

125 x 190mm

Half Page Vertical

275 x 100mm

285 x 110mm

277 x 85mm


Terms and Conditions

  • All booking instructions must be made in writing, signed and dated.
  • Advertising orders cannot be seen as a confirmation that any editorial submission will be published. The right to refuse/edit advertorial is reserved.
  • No special or specific positions, such as right-hand page placements, can be guaranteed unless specifically agreed upon on booking.
  • Cancellations will be liable for cancellation fees.
  • Clients who do not cancel in due time but who fail to supply copy/photographs/finished advertising material by deadline will be billed for the space booked.
  • An upfront payment is required for all first-time advertisers.
  • Registered Advertising Agencies may pay 45 days after date of statement. Any late payments may result in the forfeiting of any 16.5% agency commission granted in the order.
  • In the event of an account handover to attorneys for debt collecting, the advertiser agrees to pay the legal costs, including collection charges.